Representing Talent Worldwide

Production Management Support provided to several of our artists' companies including: 


 Jason Samuels Smith's ACGI (Anybody Can Get It) - This group led by Jason Samuels Smith consists of some of the most talented and innovative Tap dancers in the world today. The program is usually performed with live musicians and consists of both choreography by Jason Samuels Smith and improvography by each of the solo artists.

Sue Samuels' Jazz Roots Dance Company - Formed in 2009 by World Renowned Jazz Choreographer Sue Samuels.  The company is dedicated to the preservation of the classical jazz dance form and aims to entertain and educate the younger generation about the roots of jazz dance. They can offer full evenings of work, 1-hour shows, and also excerpts of any length for a variety of special events. 

SPEAK - A dynamic new collaboration with Indian Kathak dance and American Tap Dance that features Award-winning performers Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards, Michelle Dorrance, Rachna Nivas, and Rina Mehta with live musicians from each respective genre that have created original compositions and spoken word artist/vocalist Kara Mack. 


Chasing The Bird (formerly known as "Charlie's Angels: A Tribute to Charlie Parker") - An intricate exploration of original Charlie Parker tunes featuring 3 of the most dynamic female tap dancers in the business today. Choreographed by Jason Samuels Smith

Joseph Webb's Beautiful FireThe artistry of Joseph Webb embodies a realm of musical mixes saturated in the lyrics of rebirth and the affirmation of SELF. Relentless in the art of genre mash-up, each composition is a reconstruction of the genre in which it is rooted. The lyrical arrangements become a quasi-meditative chant in the similar tone of inspired- self-determination: Reach. Stretch. Be all you can be. Not ashamed to stand alone and sing… This creation in song becomes trancelike as you digest each lyric. Inclusive of all things positive, relatable, desirable, relevant, loving (both eros&agape), spiritually uplifting, gratifying and nutritionally necessary, Joseph Webb is the musical semblance of the Griot in rhythm & rhyme.

Silva Dance Company - Founded by renowned dancers Leandro Santos Silva and Janete Silva, Silva Dance Company provides a masterful look into the art of Brazilian Dance. Borrowing from Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian dance traditions, as well as strong contemporary and modern technique, the repertory offers an evolution in dance - a fusion of distinctly beautiful and rich cultures. The style showcases the grace and fluidity of motion now common in western theater while interweaving the inherent artistry of Brazil, a palpable rhythmic spirituality that captivates and compels audiences of all ages.