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Aug 17, 2007

MAX ROACH, a Founder of Modern Jazz, Dies at 83

The New York Times
August 16, 2007

Max Roach, a founder of modern jazz who rewrote the rules
of drumming in the 1940's and spent the rest of his career
breaking musical barriers and defying listeners'
expectations, died early today in Manhattan. He was 83.

His death was announced today by a spokesman for Blue Note
records, on which he frequently appeared. No cause was
given. Mr. Roach had been known to be ill for several

As a young man, Mr. Roach, a percussion virtuoso capable of
playing at the most brutal tempos with subtlety as well as
power, was among a small circle of adventurous musicians
who brought about wholesale changes in jazz. He remained
adventurous to the end.

Over the years he challenged both his audiences and himself
by working, not just with standard jazz instrumentation,
and not just in
traditional jazz venues, but in a wide variety of contexts,
some of
them well beyond the confines of jazz as that word is

He led a "double quartet" consisting of his working group
of trumpet, saxophone, bass and drums plus a string
quartet. He led an ensemble consisting entirely of
percussionists. He dueted with uncompromising
avant-gardists like the pianist Cecil Taylor and the
saxophonist Anthony Braxton. He performed unaccompanied. He
wrote music for plays by Sam Shepard and dance pieces by
Alvin Ailey. He collaborated with video artists, gospel
choirs and hip-hop performers.

Mr. Roach explained his philosophy to The New York Times in
1990: "You can't write the same book twice. Though I've
been in historic musical situations, I can't go back and do
that again. And though I run into
artistic crises, they keep my life interesting."

He found himself in historic situations from the beginning
of his
career. He was still in his teens when he played drums with
the alto
saxophonist Charlie Parker, a pioneer of modern jazz, at a
after-hours club in 1942. Within a few years, Mr. Roach was
recognized as a pioneer in the development of the
sophisticated new form of jazz that came to be known as

He was not the first drummer to play bebop — Kenny Clarke,
10 years his senior, is generally credited with that
distinction — but he
quickly established himself as both the most imaginative
percussionist in modern jazz and the most influential.

In Mr. Roach's hands, the drum kit became much more than a
means of keeping time. He saw himself as a full-fledged
member of the front line, not simply as a supporting

Layering rhythms on top of rhythms, he paid as much
attention to a
song's melody as to its beat. He developed, as the jazz
critic Burt
Korall put it, "a highly responsive, contrapuntal style,"
engaging his
fellow musicians in an open-ended conversation while
maintaining a rock-solid pulse. His approach "initially
mystified and thoroughly
challenged other drummers," Mr. Korall wrote, but quickly
earned the respect of his peers and established a new
standard for the

Mr. Roach was an innovator in other ways. In the late
1950s, he led a group that was among the first in jazz to
regularly perform pieces in waltz time and other unusual
meters in addition to the conventional 4/4. In the early
1960s, he was among the first to use jazz to address racial
and political issues, with works like the album-length "We
Insist! Freedom Now Suite."

In 1972, he became one of the first jazz musicians to teach
full time
at the college level when he was hired as a professor at
University of Massachusetts at Amherst. And in 1988, he
became the first jazz musician to receive a so-called
genius grant from the
MacArthur Foundation.

Maxwell Roach was born on Jan. 10, 1924, in the small town
of New
Land, N.C., and grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section
of Brooklyn. He began studying piano at a neighborhood
Baptist church when he was 8 and took up the drums a few
years later.

Even before he graduated from Boys High School in 1942,
savvy New York jazz musicians knew his name. As a teenager
he worked briefly with Duke Ellington's orchestra at the
Paramount Theater and with Charlie Parker at Monroe's
Uptown House in Harlem, where he took part in jam sessions
that helped lay the groundwork for bebop.

By the middle 1940's, he had become a ubiquitous presence
on the New York jazz scene, working in the 52nd Street
nightclubs with Parker, the trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie and
other leading modernists. Within a few years he had become
equally ubiquitous on record, participating in such seminal
recordings as Miles Davis's "Birth of the Cool" sessions in
1949 and 1950.

He also found time to study composition at the Manhattan
School of
Music. He had planned to major in percussion, he later
recalled in an interview, but changed his mind after a
teacher told him his technique was incorrect. "The way he
wanted me to play would have been fine if I'd been after a
career in a symphony orchestra," he said, "but it wouldn't
have worked on 52nd Street."

Mr. Roach made the transition from sideman to leader in
1954, when he and the young trumpet virtuoso Clifford Brown
formed a quintet. That group, which specialized in a
muscular and stripped-down version of bebop that came to be
called hard bop, took the jazz world by storm. But it was

In June 1956, at the height of the Brown-Roach quintet's
Brown was killed in an automobile accident, along with
Richie Powell, the group's pianist, and Powell's wife. The
sudden loss of his friend and co-leader, Mr. Roach later
recalled, plunged him into depression and heavy drinking
from which it took him years to emerge.

Nonetheless, he kept working. He honored his existing
bookings with the two surviving members of his group, the
saxophonist Sonny Rollins and the bassist George Morrow,
before briefly taking
time off and putting together a new quartet. By the end of
the 50's,
seemingly recovered from his depression, he was recording
prolifically, mostly as a leader but occasionally as a
sideman with
Mr. Rollins and others.

The personnel of Mr. Roach's working group changed
frequently over the next decade, but the level of artistry
and innovation remained high. His sidemen included such
important musicians as the saxophonists Eric Dolphy,
Stanley Turrentine and George Coleman and the trumpet
players Donald Byrd, Kenny Dorham and Booker Little. Few of
his groups had a
pianist, making for a distinctively open ensemble sound in
which Mr. Roach's drums were prominent.

Always among the most politically active of jazz musicians,
Mr. Roach had helped the bassist Charles Mingus establish
one of the first musician-run record companies, Debut, in
1952. Eight years later, the two organized a so-called
rebel festival in Newport, R.I., to protest the Newport
Jazz Festival's treatment of performers. That same year,Mr.
Roach collaborated with the lyricist Oscar Brown Jr. on "We
Insist! Freedom Now Suite," which played variations on the
theme of black people's struggle for equality in the United
States and Africa.

The album, which featured vocals by Abbey Lincoln (Mr.
frequent collaborator and, from 1962 to 1970, his wife),
mixed reviews: many critics praised its ambition, but some
attacked it as overly polemical. Mr. Roach was undeterred.

"I will never again play anything that does not have social
significance," he told Down Beat magazine after the album's
"We American jazz musicians of African descent have proved
beyond all doubt that we're master musicians of our
instruments. Now what we have to do is employ our skill to
tell the dramatic story of our people and what we've been

"We Insist!" was not a commercial success, but it
emboldened Mr. Roach to broaden his scope as a composer.
Soon he was collaborating with choreographers, filmmakers
and Off Broadway playwrights on projects, including a stage
version of "We Insist!"

As his range of activities expanded, his career as a
bandleader became less of a priority. At the same time, the
market for his
uncompromising brand of small-group jazz began to diminish.
By the time he joined the faculty of the University of
Massachusetts in 1972, teaching had come to seem an
increasingly attractive alternative to the demands of the
musician's life.

Joining the academy did not mean turning his back entirely
performing. In the early '70s, Mr. Roach joined with seven
drummers to form M'Boom, an ensemble that achieved tonal
coloristic variety through the use of xylophones, chimes,
steel drums and other percussion instruments. Later in the
decade he formed a new quartet, two of whose members — the
saxophonist Odean Pope and the trumpeter Cecil Bridgewater
— would perform and record with him off and on for more
than two decades.

He also participated in a number of unusual experiments. He
appeared in concert in 1983 with a rapper, two disc jockeys
and a team of break dancers. A year later, he composed
music for an Off Broadway production of three Sam Shepard
plays, for which he won an Obie Award. In 1985, he took
part in a multimedia collaboration with the video artist
Kit Fitzgerald and the stage director George Ferencz.

Perhaps his most ambitious experiment in those years was
the Max Roach Double Quartet, a combination of his quartet
and the Uptown String Quartet. Jazz musicians had performed
with string accompaniment before, but rarely if ever in a
setting like this, where the string players were an equal
part of the ensemble and were given the opportunity to
improvise. Reviewing a Double Quartet album in The Times in
1985, Robert Palmer wrote, "For the first time in the
history of jazz recording, strings swing as persuasively as
any saxophonist or

This endeavor had personal as well as musical significance
for Mr.
Roach: the Uptown String Quartet's founder and viola player
was his
daughter Maxine. She survives him, as do two other
daughters, Ayo and
Dara, and two sons, Raoul and Darryl.

By the early '90s, Mr. Roach had reduced his teaching load
and was
again based in New York year-round, traveling to Amherst
only for two residencies and a summer program each year. He
was still touring with his quartet as recently as 2000, and
he also remained active as a composer. In 2002 he wrote and
performed the music for "How to Draw a Bunny," a
documentary about the artist Ray Johnson.

UPCOMING PREMIERE of The Rise and Fall of Miss Thang &

The Rise and Fall of Miss Thang, an inspiring tap dance
drama made in Chicago, will have its Chicago premiere at
the Black Harvest
International Festival of Film, Video, & TV. The film will
screen at
5:00pm on Sunday, August 19, 2007 at the Gene Siskel Film
located at 164 North State Street. Following the screening,
will be a reception sponsored by Lagniappe Creole Cajun
Restaurant & C'est Ci Bon Catering in the film center's
gallery/cafe. The event will be hosted by Chicago radio
personality, Davante Stone, with a special tap dance
performance by M.A.D.D. Rhythms Chicago.

Written and Directed by Stacie E. Hawkins, the HD feature
Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards, a world renowned tap dancer who
made history when she became the first female performer in
Savion Glover's Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk on
Broadway. Also featured in the film is Martin "Tre" Dumas,
a Chicago-based tap dancer whose stage credits include
Riverdance and The Tap Dance Kid. Rounding out the cast are
Chicago-based actors Dori King, Trinia Defourneau, Bryan
Robert Smith, Moneca Reid, and Shirl Shang. Bril Barrett of
local tap dance troupe, M.A.D.D. Rhythms, was the tap dance
consultant on the project.

This just in! The star of The Rise and Fall of Miss Thang,
Sumbry-Edwards, will be in attendance at the 2nd Screening
on Tuesday August 21rst. There will be a mixer sponsored
by C'est Si Bon beginning at 7:30pm and the film screens is
at 8:30pm.

Tickets are $9 and available at the Siskel Center box
office or



Miss Thang in the News!
Chicago's NBC news did a story on Black Harvest last week
and The Rise
and Fall of Miss Thang was one of the films highlighted in
the piece.

Check it out: http://video.nbc5.com/player/?id=140962

Broadway Underground IS BACK!

Friday August 24
Saturday August 25


St. Clement's Theater
423 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036
(between 9th and 10th)

Jared Grimes & DeWitt Fleming, Jr.
The BU Band
new guest artists


RSVP by August 23 at info@projectdance.com
Restoring the spirit of entertainment, Broadway Underground
floors audiences of every age with spontaneous and rhythmic
comedy. Tappers, Jared Grimes and DeWitt Fleming host this
"blast from the past" phenomenon filled with amazing talent
straight off the New York City streets.

Artists move to this city every day to be discovered.
Broadway Underground sifts through the web of talented
hopefuls and unleashes sheer raw artistry onto a stage
filled with live music and packed audiences. Every show
offers new acts and hilarious skits from the real life
stories of roommates Jared and DeWitt, who found their
start singing and dancing underground in the subways of New
York City. The open session ends the evening where artists
flock to the stage for their minute of fame as they launch
themselves into the den of live talent to be seen by all
the world.

DON’T MISS Harold “Stumpy” Cromer’s Classes at TAP INTO A

Hey there time is running out and so is space! Mr. Cromer's
Class has
very few spaces available, so if you are planning on
attending classes
are filling and there is a cut off. There are only ten days
until the sounds of steel to wood will be heard through out
and surrounding areas. We have lots of surprises and
giveaways. Come join us for the best 4 days of tap dance in
Alberta since last years event.

Classes with Josh Hilberman, Robert L. Reed, Bril Barrett,
Miller, Andrew Merrigan, Danny Nielsen, Harold Cromer, Sarh
Michelle Greenwell, and Lance Liles.

Tap jam at West Edmonton Mall, perform at the Participant's
Showcase at Festival Place, and share at the panel
discussion. You can not miss Hoofin' for Hunger at Festival
Place in Sherwood Park on August 19th a show of the Masters
and special guests. A night of tap dance that will blow you
away. And the best part it all goes to charity. The
Edmonton School Lunch Program and The Africa Project. You
get a night of entertainment – the community children and
the children of Africa recieve - it's a winning situation.
You have nothing to lose!

In case you missed it…

CHECK OUT: ABC 7's coverage of Debbie Allen on

Debbie Allen's L.A. Tap Festival
Hollywood Wrap for Monday
By George Pennacchio

CULVER CITY, Aug. 6, 2007 (KABC-TV) - The tops in tap! It's
the fifth annual L.A. Tap Festival.

LINK: L.A. Tap Festival (www.latapfest.com)
The Debbie Allen Dance Academy hosted Monday night's
opening jam session where guests could watch, or join in.
All ages, all levels, all fun.

The L.A. Tap Fest runs through August 11th.

For a schedule of events, go to www.latapfest.com


The Maui Tap Experience
Starr Tendo

3/8/2007 12:00:00 AM

Local couple brings tap masters from across the world to

Most Mauians remember when the biggest musical-type
production of the year was always Peter and the Wolf at the
Baldwin Auditorium. Not that Peter and the Wolf was a bad
gig. I greatly enjoyed it every year—for a decade. But
growing up, I always wanted more.

I'm sure I wasn't the only Maui keiki that wanted to expand
horizons in the performing arts department. I lapped up
that came my way—ballet classes in the fourth grade, drama
class at Maui Community College, a really bad audition for
South Pacific (can you say "tone-deaf?"). I even helped set
up the 'Iao theater for an all male-review in my late
teens. Yes, that's right, an All Male
Review. Ah, good times, good times. Desperate? Who me?

Thankfully, times have changed. Today's kids have it all.
And I'm not just talking Lunchables, Heelies and the Xbox
360. I'm talking art,music and dance. In the past 10 years
or so, Maui has become a hotspot of multicultural activity.
The Maui Arts & Cultural Center has certainly played a huge
role in this, but we can't forget the
individuals behind the scenes who have the vision to bring
us magic
like the Maui Tap Experience.

The Maui Tap Experience began in 2002 with the little dream
bringing some big Mainland tap dance to our island. Over
the next few years, Maui went from a whisper in the world
of tap dance to a hotspot. Tap masters from across the
globe are eager to clippity-clop on stage on Maui.

Tap dance enthusiast Becky Pelissero and her husband, GJ,
of Kula,
created the Maui Tap Experience after attending a tap
festival on the Mainland. At these festivals, professional
tap dancers from various backgrounds teach and perform.

"We had been to several of these festivals over the years,"
Pelissero, "and I knew that this was something that I
wanted to bring to Maui."

Pelissero asked festival attendee Mark Yonally from
Chicago, a
renowned tap performer and instructor, if he would like to
come to
Maui and teach out of her Ha'iku studio. Yonally accepted
the offer,
and it went well—The Maui Tap Experience was born.

"The students really loved Mark," said Pelissero. "The
outcome of the first year was encouraging, and it gave me
the confidence to seek out more professionals for the next

So in 2003, Pelissero added another instructor to the Maui
Experience, and held a show at the McCoy Theater, which
boasted 65 tappers who had participated in the classes

In 2004, everything went wrong. "We did three days of
classes, and
another show at the McCoy," said Pelissero. "The turnout
wasn't what we hoped for, because there was a big tropical
storm going on then, and The MACC brought in Tap Dogs
Rebooted just two weeks before our performance."

Discouraged but not defeated, the Pelisseros attended the
Vancouver International Tap festival, where Becky met tap
sensation and Emmy Award winner Jason Samuels Smith.

"I took his class and loved his vibe," said Pelissero. "I
myself, and he was like, 'You're the lady doing the thing
on Maui!' It
was awesome that he had heard about the Maui Tap
Experience. I asked
him if he would like to be a guest artist along with return
Mark Yonally, and he told me that Maui was his dream."

Smith introduced Pelissero to Chloe Arnold out of Los
Angeles. Arnold is the managing producer of the Debbie
Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles, and is co-director of
the L.A. Tap Festival with Jason Samuels Smith. She has
toured the U.S. as a guest artist and

The rest, as they say, is history.

Over the next year, Pelissero was contacted by numerous
tap dancers who wanted to join Jason, Chloe and Mark.

"I think that it was the draw of working with tappers like
Chloe and Mark, plus the added bonus of Maui," said
Pelissero. She and
her husband spent a year organizing the event... and it
paid off.

"We had seven world-class tappers come to Maui," said
Pelissero. "The
classes were a huge success—people came from all over the
world to
participate." The event was so huge that they decided to
call it the
"2006 Hawaiian Islands International Tap Festival."

The festival took place in early November and closed with
The Masters
of Rhythm tap show at the Castle Theater. The Castle seats
people, and the house was packed. Seven awesome tappers
from around
the world put on an amazing performance that earned a
roaring standing
ovation from the crowd.

What's in store for the Maui Tap Experience? Pelissero
said, "More
tap, of course! Jason and Chloe said that they'd come back
to Maui
anytime... even if they had to cancel something to get

So there you go, Maui. Your very own international tap
festival. Makes
me want to dance.

For more information on the Maui Tap Experience, visit

Copyright (c) 2007 The Maui Weekly.
Burnitdown Music Group, LRG, Akademiks, Palis, and MANY
more present:

@ Crash Mansion (199 Bowery St.) NYC
1pm - 6pm

Featuring LIVE performances by LOOT, Turnstylz, Selah The
Great, &

Music by DJ Peter Rosenberg (HOT 97), DJ G. Brown, and more

Dunk Xchange is THE premier event for any and all sneaker
and streetwear connoisseurs. DJ AM & Ed Lover (POWER 105)
were in the
building for the last one so you never know who might show
Sunday. If you don't believe me, then click on the links
below and see
for yourself what this thing is all about.


To view flyer and for more information:

"get you some"

Just East of Broadway
Silent Fire Productions

Start the Fire!

Thursday, August 23rd @ 6 p.m.
at the Queens Museum of Art
(In Flushing Meadows Park)

Come enjoy the FREE show and be part of a music video!!!
Refreshments after.

For directions check out:

For more information please call (571) 278-8174 or visit:

Tap Olé at Edinburgh's Fringe Festival

A message from Guillem Alonso:

Dear all,

After a hugely successful runs, Tap Olé is now taking the
Edinburgh Festival by storm. As a headline act for the
entire month of August at leading venue C
(www.cthefestival.com) and with major previews published in
The List magazine
(http://www.list.co.uk/article/2595-tap-ole) and the
Edinburgh Evening News, the show is already building a big
buzz through word-of-mouth and the critics.

If you are in Edinburgh or have any correspondents in town
over the next month then please come along and see the
show. Just let me(+447933758449) or one of my publicists
(Hugo Fluendy +44 7877 877 511 / hugo_fluendy@hotmail.com
or Dana MacLeod +44 7866 603 147 / dana@danamacleod.co.uk)
know and we will be happy to organize complimentary tickets
for the performance of your choice. I have attached our
latest press release and some recent production shots for
your information.

I look forward to seeing you!


Guillem Alonso

American Tap Dance Foundation Fall Tap Classes for Kids and

Fall 2007
Drop in and celebrate the start of the ATDF fall term. Kids
and teens of all ages are welcome -- no experience and no
tap shoes required.
*Take a free sample tap class
*Performances by our Tap City Youth Ensemble
*Meet our teachers and register for classes!
Wednesday, September 5, 4:00 - 5:00 pm
Sunday, September 9, 10:30 - 11:30 am
Wednesday, September 12, 4:00 - 5:00 pm
Saturday, September 15, 10:30 - 11:30 am
At Chelsea Studios
151 West 26th Street, 5th or 6th Floors, between 6th-7th


Classes start Sept. 16
The ATDF classes offer children and teens a chance to
become immersed in tap culture. Fundamentals of rhythm
tap, clean technique, classic and contemporary tap
repertory, improvisation skills, plus tap history, films,
and jazz music deepen students' appreciation of this great
American art form.

Year-Round Classes for Kids ages 5+ and Teens
*All levels beginner through advanced
*Creative Rhythms Pre-Tap for 3 ½ - 4 year olds
*Performance Opportunities
*First class is always FREE!
All classes held at Chelsea Studios:
151 W. 26th St. on the 5th Floor
between 6th & 7th Aves.


Sept. 15
12:00 - 4:00

Audition for intermediate and advanced tap dancers ages 11
- 18.

Audition held at:
Chelsea Studios
151 W. 26th St.
between 6th & 7th Aves.

"Past and future come together . . . in the recently formed
Tap City Youth Ensemble, which performs classic routines
like the Copasetics' "Chair Dance" with brash adolescent
energy" (Star-Ledger).

Novisi Productions Presents:

Shakespeare's Sonnets on Tap

Come hear Shakespeare's language like you've never heard it
Twelve sonnets, twenty-one performers, three nights only!

FEATURING Varín Ayala, Francois Battiste*, Stephen Bel
Davies*, Robert Michael Bray*, Ayodele Casel, Frank Harts*,
Ray Hesselink*, Di Johnston, Stephanie Larrière, Amanda
McCroskery*, Christina Moore, Parallel Exit (Derek Roland
and Ryan Kasprzak*), Max Pollak**, Claudia Rahardjanoto,
David Rider, Ivy Risser*, Dolores Sanchez, Kristyn Smith*,
David Sochet* and Elisa Van Duyne*

Directed by Awoye Timpo
Lighting Design by Seth Reiser

* Appearing courtesy of Actors Equity
** Performing Friday and Saturday only

Thursday, August 23 - 8:00pm
Friday, August 24 - 7:00pm and 9:30pm
Saturday, August 25 - 8:00pm

300 West 43rd Street,
Ste 411 (at 8th Avenue)

Tickets available at www.smarttix.com or (212)868-4444

Use the discount code SONNET for $15 tickets

Novisi Productions is dedicated to the production of works
capture and engage the imagination of the audience.
exploring the relationship between language, speech,
movement and music, Novisi is guided by a desire to
challenge artists and audiences alike to fully experience
and investigate the possibilities and power of live
theatrical performance.


A message from Rashida Bumbray:

Peace friends,

I am pleased to be hosting the first Hoofers' House
collaboratively by The Studio Museum in Harlem & The
Kitchen on
Friday, August 24th at 7:00pm. This Hoofers' House in The
Museum in Harlem's courtyard will be a jam session and
between a few of NYC's dopest tap dancers, and DJ Asho, an
internationally renowned innovator in the Cuban hip hop and
social-cultural movements. Following Hoofers' House, DJ
Asho will spin
us into the night for Uptown Fridays!

DJ Asho

I hope you can make it!

*The second collaborative Hoofers House featuring Jason
Samuels Smith,
and the Pheeroan Aklaff trio will be at The Kitchen
Highline Block
Party, on Saturday, September 15th at 4pm.

Mucho amour,


Rashida Bumbray
Assistant Curator
The Kitchen
512 West 19th Street
New York, New York 10011
212-255-5793, ext. 16

CHECK OUT: Melinda Sullivan on BroadwayWorld.com!

Hey ya'll
Here is lil video of High School Musical on Broadway

peace and love

Melinda :)

CHECK OUT: Chicago Jazz Philharmonic
Made in Chicago: Home Cooked Jazz

AUGUST 27, 2007
Pritzker Pavillion Stage

Orbert Davis' 50-plus piece orchestra is one of the most
large orchestras anywhere and certainly Chicago's most
unit. This concert acknowledges the diverse writing and
song styling
originating from the windy city, featuring vocalists Maggie
Jackie Allen, Terisa Griffin, and Kurt Elling. Also
featured will be
Lane Alexander and Chicago Human Rhythm Project's BAM!
with the orchestra on an original composition written
expressly to
integrate tap as a percussive musical voice.

Sponsored By: The Chicago Jazz Partnership - Boeing, Kraft,
The Joyce
Foundation, The Chicago Community Trust, and JPMorgan Chase
Airline: United Airlines Official Hotel: The Fairmont
Chicago Program
Partner: Jazz Institute of Chicago.

2936 N. Southport
Chicago, IL. 60657

Seats for this event our free are only available on a first
first served basis! Thank you very much and we look forward
to sharing this remarkable event with you!
Centre East proudly presents:

The 30th Annual Irving M. & Sylvia Footlik Foundation

Performers for Young Audiences

Over 50 new Artists!

Hurry now to register; don't miss out on this incredible

Dates: Wednesday,September 5th &
Thursday, September 6th

Times: Day of registration begins at 8:00 a.m.

Exhibit doors open at 8:30 a.m.
Exhibit hall closes between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m.

Located At: The North Shore Center for the Performing Arts
9501 Skokie Boulevard, Skokie, Illinois 60077

Contact: 847-679-9501 Ext. 3304 or 3100


*Join fellow teachers, cultural arts programmers and youth
coordinators at the Centre East SHOWCASE; an annual event
attracts over 800 cultural arts programmers helping to keep
the arts
alive in Chicagoland schools and neighborhoods.

*Over 150 performers, speakers and educational enrichment
programs seeking to come to schools, libraries, park
districts, youth
centers and parties.

*Attendees are encouraged to attend both days of SHOWCASE
to see 40 LIVE onstage performances during this
extraordinary two day event and make contact with various
artists at over 120 different booths.

Two easy ways to register:

Register online at www.centreeast.org

Click on the SHOWCASE Icon


Register over the phone at 847-679-9501, extension 3304 or

ATT: Dance Director/Dance friends and colleagues:

Interested in performing in Europe?
from 20th to
24th March 2008 in Barcelona (SPAIN) and in the end of
June 2008 in
Italy and in France.

The Directors of Barcelona Dance Awards, present the
International Competitions and invite your dance group to
performing and teaching at the most prestigious dance
events in
Europe the next season.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any question at


We are looking forward to hear from you!!

Just in a few days you will receive some advertising
materials from
us, the new brochures and posters of the
Barcelona Dance Award.

Full Name:___________________________________________

School/Company Name: ______________________________



Email Address:_______________________________________

Shipping Address:_____________________________________

City:____________________ State/Province:______________

Country:_______________________ ZIP/Postal:___________

Required disclaimers: the information here in has been
solely for general informational and educational & artistic
purposes and are not an offer to buy or sell, or a
solicitation of an
offer to buy or sell. You are receiving this e-mail
because I believe you to be interested in developing your
artistic career.
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TAP CITY Downtown ~ Evening Stars --- Celebration of TAP!
Sunday, September 9th

By Subway:
1 train: to South Ferry
4/5 train: to Bowling Green
R/W train: to Whitehall

Battery Park - FREE & Open to the Public!!

New York City's largest free outdoor dance series returns to Battery
Park with world class dance companies, co-presented with Lower
Manhattan Cultural Council and The Joyce Theater.

Evening Stars 2007 concludes with a day of activities celebrating tap,the great American dance form. Co-produced by Tony Waag and the American Tap Dance Foundation, this all day-affair invites the audience to join.

Tap City Tap Off
September 9, 3:30 pm

Come see the next generation of tap compete for cash prizes and the chance to perform with the pros in the evening concert. (Soloists,duets, trios or ensembles ages 9-19)

To register visit REGISTRATION FORM/INFO, fill out the required form and fax it or mail it to us by September 4th. For further information or questions call (646) 230-9564. There are a limited number of spots available! First come, first serve.

Tap City Masterclass
September 9, 5:30 pm
Feel like Gregory, Fred, and Ginger after this FREE tap dance lesson
for all ages and all levels. Taught by Tony Waag. Tap shoes optional, hard-soled a plus. A limited number of tap shoes will be available on-site.

Tap City Downtown!
September 9, 7:30 pm

The Mayor of Tap City, Tony Waag brings together an international cast of legendary tap dance veterans, cutting edge soloists, contemporary ensembles, and the hottest new hoofers on the scene today, in honor of one of America's most virtuosic and entertaining art forms. Backed by a live music trio on stage, performers include: Harold Cromer, Michelle Dorrance, Barbara Duffy & Company, DeWitt Fleming, Derick K. Grant, Chikako Iwahori, Kendrick Jones, Mable Lee, Margaret Morrison, Max Pollak's Rumba Tap, the Tap City Youth Ensemble, Tony Waag (as Master of Ceremonies), Karen Callaway Williams, the winner of the afternoon Tap Off and more!

Visit www.atdf.org for more information.

A message from Laraine Goodman:


I'm happy to announce my upcoming birthday show.....


TUESDAY NOV 20 and WEDNESDAY NOV 21, 2007, 8 pm

The Club @ La MaMa e.t.c, 74 E. 4th St., East Village, NYC

Laraine Goodman presents:

"A Brief Look @ Everything and Nothing: Tapping Into the Cosmos"

Rhythmic riffs on our Times and the Interconnectedness of life and
love, fullness and emptiness.... where are we going? how we'll
survive...intersection of science, art, politics and faith....
pulsing forward....evolving / revolving....

Be in touch: Laraine Goodman @ 646-263-7926

TC + Spike Lee = A New Civics Curriculum.

Join us at the Launch on September 6!

A message from Ben Nathan: Get Your Jewel On!

First things first... I wanted to let you all in on a tip for looking
your best for the High Holidays. My friends from Eilat, Omer and Itay Gamlieli, have created a designer fashion line for Jewish men. I love their stuff and highly recommend it. My dad, my step-bro and I all rocked this garb at my dad's wedding this past Sunday. So check it out, and pass it along to your peeps. (Keep reading below for an
update on Ben Tap Soul.)

Come share the YAMA experience www.yamacollection.com

So you're thinking to yourself, "Man, what ever happened to Ben Tap
Soul? They totally rocked my neshama, but where'd they go?"

Well here's a little update: My wonderful and talented girlfriend Jenn
and I are moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico on Monday to teach dance to children through the National Dance Institute of New Mexico (www.ndi-nm.org). I'm still working on music, but am taking some time to work with the kids. Gotta love kids.

Etan is in Israel. He just finished up Marva (Army basic training for
civilians) and is headed to yeshiva in J-town and will be playing
drums all over the Holy City, so keep an ear out for him if you're
over there.

Mike and Kyle are still at UMass for a year or so, so def drop them a
line if you'll be in the Amherst area.

Hopefully we can all get together soon and rock out with you. We'll
keep you posted.

Hope all is well with you! Please stay in touch and let us know what
you're up to. We'd love to hear from you.

All the best! May you and your loved ones and all people everywhere make this coming year and each moment of their lives into a reality of love, peace, inspiration and giving. Many blessings!

Ben Nathan
E-mail: ben@bentapsoul.com
AIM: RealHoofe

Dear VLA Friends and Members,

Due to popular demand, VLA is presenting a second workshop on music licensing.

Ask the Music Lawyer: Music Licensing Workshop

Friday, November 9, 2007: 5:30pm - 7:30pm.

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
1 East 53rd Street (on the corner with 5th Ave)
NY, NY 10022

As part of its ongoing Ask the Music Lawyer workshop series, VLA is
proud to sponsor a workshop on music licensing. Learn about recording
and licensing agreements, how to analyze them, and how to modify them.
Most bands and musicians receive a recording or licensing agreement,
usually prepared by the company's lawyer, which creates a need to
learn industry keywords and buzzwords. Sample licensing agreements and
provisions will be reviewed and explained.

If you would like to attend the Friday, November 9th program, a $10
fee applies to attorneys ($20 at the door), and it is FREE to
musicians and composers (or $10 at the door). Please complete the
attached Registration Form and return to Jonathan Tominar via fax to:
(212) 752-6575, or mail form to his attention to:

Music Licensing
1 East 53rd Street, 6th fl
NY, NY 10022-4201

This VLA program is made possible with the support of the New York
State Music Fund, established by the New York State Attorney General
at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.

Since 1969, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts has been the leading
provider of pro bono legal services, mediation services, educational
programs and publications, and advocacy to the arts community in New
York. The first arts-related legal aid organization, VLA is the model
for similar organizations around the world. For more information about
Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, please see www.vlany.org.

Sincerely, Sergio Muñoz-Sarmiento

email: ssarmiento@vlany.org
phone: (212) 319-2787 Ext. 13
web: http://www.vlany.org