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Award Winning Film: TAP HEAT starring Arthur Duncan & Jason Samuels Smith:

DC Tap Festival Honors Jason Samuels Smith:


Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards on Superstars of Dance:



Chloe Arnold's Choreography for the 2008 Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon: Jason Samuels Smith Behind the Scenes Footage of the Photo Shoot for Dance Teacher Magazine http://www.dancemedia.com/view/90913685297e2bb870376e980ac33e3a4f9004d8#



Time Step Broken Down with Jason Samuels Smith http://www.dancemedia.com/view/90913685297e2bb870376e980ac33e3a4f9004d8

Nice Looks Entertainment Demo Reel featuring Jason Samuels Smith & Chloe Arnold 2008 DEMO REEL


Add to My Profile | More Videos Juste Debout Tour featuring Mr. Wiggles (Germany) 2008 MR WIGGLES JD GERMANY

Add to My Profile | More Videos Chloe Arnold Feature Interview 2008 Final Cut Pro - Woodbury University Directed by Jordan Bellino Produced by Kaleena Rallis Mr. Wiggles as featured with Rock Steady Crew on Dancing with the Stars 2007 Special Highlight footage from India Jazz Progressions 2007 Jason Samuels Smith as featured on So You Think You Can Dance 2007 The Rise & Fall of Miss Thang starring Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards - Teaser Trailer 2006 BLOCH Inspired by Jason Samuels Smith - FULL COMMERCIAL 2006 New Music Video from Alley Oop Films starring Jason Samuels Smith